‘Overwhelming’ Evidence Leads To Massive Settlement In Reverse Discrimination Case


May 29, 2014 3:02pm PST

In what could only be described as a breakthrough case involving reverse discrimination, a New York police officer was awarded $1.35 million this week after successfully suing the town in which he worked, who passed over him for a promotion because of his race.

Lt. Christopher Barella sued the village of Freeport after the mayor of the town at the time, Andrew Hardwick, refused to give him the promotion to chief of police and instead gave it to a Hispanic candidate who was less qualified, according to TheBlaze.

“I am very gratified that the jury ruled that I deserved to be chief of police. Throughout this entire process, I have tried to maintain a positive attitude and do my best for the department and the village of Freeport and will continue to do so,” Barrella said in a statement.  “It has been a long and trying process, but I always had faith that if we could present our case to a jury of my peers they would see that I was discriminated against.”

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Barella’s legal team argued that racial discrimination against people of any race is unacceptable, even if they’re white. Amanda M. Fugazi and Adam C. Weiss represented the officer in the suit.

Weiss said that “The evidence was quite overwhelming leaving no doubt that Hardwick took race into account when hiring the chief of police and in many other employment decisions he made as mayor.”

One major piece of evidence in the suit was the fact that then-mayor Hardwick changed the rules to allow the Hispanic candidate, Miguel Bermudez, to able to apply since he didn’t have enough time as a lieutenant under the current rules. Barella’s legal team also argued that he had a far superior resume than Bermudez and was easily the better choice for the position due to scoring higher on the civil service exam, having more years as a police lieutenant, had a law degree and a master’s in public administration, and underwent special training with the FBI. The candidate who received the promotion only had a high school diploma.

According to the officer’s legal team, the Village of Freeport tried to argue that racial discrimination didn’t happen since they classified Bermudez as a “white Hispanic,” even though Hardwick on several occasions referred to him as the “first Hispanic police chief” along with making other racially charged statements.

Looks like the whole idea of tolerance may start to blow up in liberals’ faces, wouldn’t you say? We can only hope that more cases like this are tried, and won, so we can finally move past race-based politics and start focusing on the true issues that plague our nation.

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