Michelle Makes Fool Of Herself AGAIN Peddling “Let’s Move”


May 29, 2014 3:02pm PST

It seems as though Michelle Obama has no threshold for amount of backlash she’ll take from the public when it comes to making herself look like a fool. Yet again, in an effort to peddle – and force down the throats of Americans everywhere – her “Let’s Move,” campaign, she has taken to foolish marketing sure not to have one bit of an effect.

This time recruiting the help of some NFL players, the FLOTUS and crew take to making a “delicious” meal on the tax payer’s dime. Who knows how much it cost to make this ridiculous video, but rest assured, those who have seen it are in no way rushing out to the store for a bag of frozen succotash.

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Instead, we’re stuck with the image of Michelle Obama trying to peddle a scripted narrative which we know that she doesn’t stick to – nor does she make her own kids. Instead her hypocrisy shows through her fractured façade leaving the world wondering why she continues down this path.

I suppose however, that just like her husband – her legacy is simply one purpose long, and seeing how they’ve nothing better to be remembered for, they’re sticking to their guns, despite it being at the expense of us lowly Americans. Let us know what you have to think of Michelle’s latest pathetic attempt in the comments below.


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