All-Out Brawl Erupts At High School Graduation


May 28, 2014 10:30am PST

This time of year is usually filled with joyous teenagers happy to have finally moved on in life with what has become the one of the biggest rite of passages in someone’s lifetime, their high school graduation. However for one graduating class their triumphant glee was quickly overshadowed by a group of miscreants who started a brawls following the ceremony.

Two people were arrested by Towson University police following the fray, which appeared to involve over a dozen people. According to the police one adult male, Dante Smith, 23, and one adult female, Natanya Johnson, 33, were taken into custody after the fight at the Randallstown High School graduation, which took place on the campus.

The video of the fight shows two women exchanging blows before two other men join in. After that all hell breaks loose and more people join in to either break it up or help their friends.

Way to keep it classy.

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