4 Syrian Terrorists Decimated By Air Strike


May 28, 2014 7:41am PST

We always hear about air strikes and how effective they are at eradicating terrorists. Well this video is an excellent example of their power and accuracy as it shows four terrorists taking a direct hit from one.

It’s unclear where this happened although the original video said somewhere in Syria. However the video shows four men at a machine gun nest in the street being filmed by another man in a building. Suddenly they hear the missile as its speeding towards them but by that time it’s too late.

The missile makes a direct hit in what appears to be the center of the men, and just like that the world is minus several terrorists. The blast was so powerful it knocked the man who was filming to the ground but unfortunately he didn’t appear to suffer any injuries, maybe next time.

It’s always nice to see the eradication of terrorists up-close and personal like this, isn’t it?

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