Obama Wants Race-Based Government In Hawaii


May 27, 2014 9:26am PST

President Obama has decided that he’s willing to create a race-based legal system in his “home” state of Hawaii, allowing for one set of taxes, laws, law enforcement and spending will apply to one race and a second, separate set would apply to another, all in the name of equality.

According to the DailyCaller, the two-tiered diversity proposal would be an effort to create a separate in-state government for those who are “native Hawaiians.”

Should he be successful, “what’s to prevent creating similar [self-governing racial] groups out of say, Cajuns, or Orthodox Jews or Amish?” said Gail Heriot, a commissioner on the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

The law professor at the University of San Diego explained that opening this type of door would lead to it “balkanizing” the country. She also said that it would be illegal to create such a system since the President doesn’t have that type of authority.

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The move was announced Friday as congressional Democrats and White House officials further pressed that Obama will bypass Congress if they oppose his implementing his radical progressive agenda. An example of this is when Harry Reid said last week that Obama would be relaxing the enforcement of federal immigration law because Congress has failed to pass legislation that would double the current inflow of immigrants and guest workers annually.

The new legal proposal was outline in a document released Friday called “Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking,” and claims its intended goal is “to more effectively implement the special political and trust relationship that Congress has established between that [Hawaiian] community and the United States.”

“The Secretary of the Interior is considering whether to propose an administrative rule that would facilitate the reestablishment of a government-to-government relationship with the Native Hawaiian community,” it said.

However Heriot says that it’s more than likely intended to protect the financial set-asides for native-born Hawaiians that are being threatened by the Supreme Court’s move to end racial divisions and forced racial diversity.

Should there be two sets of laws governing individual races? Let us know with a comment!

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