Sheriff Joe Arpaio Threatens Obama With Arrest


May 23, 2014 10:06am PST

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been one of the most outspoken critics of President Obama’s birth certificate and has gone to great lengths to prove it is in fact a forgery, as many of us already know. In a recent interview, the good sheriff let us know that he’s got enough evidence to make an arrest, he’s just trying to figure out who’s behind it.

America’s toughest sheriff appeared on KMTV 15 out of California for an interview with Chris Pareja, and explained that he’s arrested and placed people in jail for forging documents, but the reason he’s not rushing to act in this case is because he wants to get everyone involved.

For those unfamiliar, Arpaio started a “posse” of sorts to track down the origin and authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate. Led by investigator Mike Zullo, the group discovered that the long form birth certificate that Obama presented as his original had over 20 different forgeries within it, as discovered by professional document examiners.

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Arpaio’s interview with Pareja was nearly 30 minutes long, however it has been shortened so that you can see the most important part, where he threatens Obama with arrest.

After first explaining that he’s already beyond figuring out whether or not Obama is guilty of forging the document, Arpaio explained that the focus of his investigation has pivoted to finding out who within the Hawaiian government was an accomplice in the matter.

“Nobody wants to touch it,” he said. “But I’m still trying to find out who was behind it.”

The sheriff told Pareja that nobody seems to care about the forged document and they seem to be turning their heads to the matter.

“It’s a felony! I’m locking people up every day for forged documents that are here illegally,” he said referring to Obama not being a legal citizen of America.

When asked if he’s still pursuing the case against Obama and his cohorts, Arpaio had very few, but very powerful words.

“It’s in the works. Don’t be fooled by it’s over.”

Would you like to see Obama arrested for forging the very documents that even allowed him to be president? Let us know with a comment!

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