Height Of Hypocrisy: Al Sharpton Defends His Racism


May 22, 2014 8:21am PST

If you’ve ever heard the name Al Sharpton then you know it’s synonymous with race-baiting and hypocrisy. In fact, his history of being racist is well documented and pretty much something that nobody can deny, however he sure tried.

The publisher for the DailySurge, Jason Mattera, caught up with Sharpton after the Washington Correspondent’s Dinner and asked him if he should be banned from television for his racist past, “in the spirit of Donald Sterling.” As you would expect, what’s good for the goose isn’t exactly good for the gander in Sharpton’s world.

Sharpton scoffed at the audacity of Mattera to call him out like that, and even asked him to produce evidence of his being racist – keep in mind this is the same man who threatened riots and boycotts if Sterling wasn’t removed from the NBA. However Mattera easily produced the evidence that Sharpton requested and you know what his reply was?

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“It was just one Jew.”

Sharpton denied ever making comments about all Jews and claimed that because it was only about one man it wasn’t racist. Funny, how many videos are there of him using the term “cracka?” Not to mention denouncing the people of Ancient Greece as “Greek homos,” along with plenty of other racial epithets intended for one thing and one thing only, to fan the flames of racism.

Oddly enough, Sharpton has been greatly rewarded for his racist ways while any non-minority has their lives taken out from under them for anything remotely racist. Not to mention that he’s a frequent guest of the other race-pimp, Obama, at the White House and he’s even up for the same award that Donald Sterling was slated to receive from the NAACP, “Person of the Year.”

Also, it should be noted that one of Sharpton’s racist tirades caused one of his followers to set fire to a building in Harlem, killing eight people. Known as the “Harlem Massacre,” it was started after Sharpton accused a white businessman of being a “white interloper” for wanting to expand his business, Freddy’s Fashion Mart, into the area. Fortunately, the arsonist died in the blaze as well.

So there you have it folks, if your comments are directed at only one person then they can’t possibly be racist, according to Al Sharpton. So that means hate crimes that only involve two people can’t be racially motivated and anything we say about the President can’t be racist, think liberals will go for it since one of their own made such a decree?

There’s a better chance of Obama producing an original copy of his birth certificate.

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