Yet Again, Obama Claims He Learned Of Most Recent Scandal From The News


May 19, 2014 3:01pm PST

As we’ve come to learn, Obama has perhaps the most uninformed administration ever to govern from the White House – or so he would have you believe. Recently speaking with the press, Jay Carney explained that Obama, yet again, was only made aware of the most recent scandal through news reports.

Recently the VA has been revealed to have created wait lists for patients in order to make the organization appear more efficient. As a result, at least 40, with some reports stating as high as 120, veterans actually died because of the delay in treatment that they needed.

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When asked when the current administration had learned of the scandal, Jay Carney explained, “I believe, we learned about them through the reports. I will double check if that’s not the case, but that’s when we learned about them.”

Now reports are coming out however that back in 2008, Obama was made aware of certain flaws indicative of this future result to which the president shared that he was, “mad as hell,” about. So now, we must ask – which one was true?

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Of course, I wouldn’t hold my breath for an honest answer on that one either.

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