Entitled Black Youth Pushes Elderly Teacher To The Floor


May 19, 2014 10:04am PST

It seems as time marches on the younger generation becomes more and more disrespectful and consumed in themselves. So was the case proven to be after a black student pushed an elderly white teacher to the ground after she confiscated his cell phone.

Beverly Round, 66, says she’s fine now, but immediately after the incident, she had been taken to the hospital where she was treated for minor injuries. Reportedly, Round had taken the 16-year-old boys cell phone away because he was using it during class before he got up and confronted her.

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All caught on tape, the boy is seen pushing Round twice, knocking her off balance as the physical altercation was quite rough. As other students looked and cheered on, the 16-year-old gave Round one last push, sending her toppling to the floor.

The video was shown to several of Round’s neighbors in an effort to get a reaction – and that they did. One neighbor bluntly stated, “It pisses me off,” while another was thrown back by the video as she mentioned, “Oh, no, he did not push her down! And they’re just standing there laughing at it.”

One neighbor explained to reporters that, “She’s had two knee surgeries. It’s hard for her to get around as it is. She’s doing them a favor by coming in and teaching those kids.” Round was also said to have been fearless and made sure not to let her condition get in the way of what she loved doing.


As reporters took the video to the school, people there echoed the same concerns shared by her neighbors. “You can see her walking past to try get away from it,” said one student. “He pushed her twice. The last time, she’s on the ground. You see her kind of hit her head going down. Most people laugh. I didn’t find it funny.”

One parent was even shown the footage where she conveyed, “And they’re cheering him on really? There’s no reason for you to put your hands on anybody, let alone on a little old lady who’s 66. I just have no words for that right there.”

Videos like this only go to show what Liberal agenda does when it’s allowed to fester. Not too long ago, parents were allowed to spank their children as a form of discipline, but after a few Liberals get their panties in a twist, now its abuse.

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Several parents have taken to not disciplining at all either, allowing for children to become self-consumed with no respect of anyone else. Enter into the mix the leftist agenda where blacks are now entitled to act as they please due to a mythical force throughout America known as white privilege – another Liberal idea by the way – and you have things like this.

What do you guys think – why has America’s youth progressed so far down this path of self-entitlement and disrespect? Let us know in the comments below.


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