Shocking Video Of A Cop Choking Out A Handcuffed Teen


May 18, 2014 12:17pm PST

A shocking video of an officer appearing to be strangling a teenager who is subdued and on the ground.

In the short clip you can see the teen on the ground with his face turning red because the officer’s arm is around his neck and he appears to be squeezing tightly.

You can hear someone, presumably the teen, say “I’m not breaking the law,” then he says something after that’s inaudible. Meanwhile the other officer is just standing there and watching his partner seemingly assault a defenseless person.

It’s unknown where the incident occurred or what caused it, however one of the bystanders who was watching it happen says “He’s gonna kill him” just before the clip ends, obviously concerned for the safety of the handcuffed teen.

Unfortunately, things like this are happening on a more regular basis as generally speaking the police are given carte blanche on the use of force and rarely punished if it’s excessive, as it appears to be in this incident. Until more tough restrictions are put in place regarding abuses of authority things like this will continue to happen, and that’s something that should worry us all.

Do you think this was excessive or was the cop justified? Let us know with a comment!

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