Ann Coulter SLAMS Michelle Obama’s #Hashtag Activism


May 15, 2014 3:05pm PST

It’s no secret that Ann Coulter isn’t a fan of either Barack or Michelle Obama, and last night while on the Sean Hannity show on Fox News, she laid into Michelle rather harshly.

First she called the President a “feckless idiot,” and charged that the U.S. is “retreating all over the world.”

She said that she’s tired of Michelle’s “pathetic” use of “hashtag diplomacy” on Twitter to try to raise awareness of the kidnapping of hundreds of girls by the group Boko Haram from Nigeria.

Coulter’s comments come after Michelle Obama posted a picture of herself with a handmade sign that said #BringBackOurGirls,” which actually drew a ton of fire from other conservatives across the nation.

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“These idiots think a hashtag is some major policy initiative,” said Coulter. “How about Michelle Obama having a hashtag ‘I’m married to an idiot?’”

Hannity then asked her if she thought Obama should use our military in order to help the Nigerian effort to save the girls.

“It’s kind of a pathetic gesture when we can’t even protect our own ambassador,” she replied in reference to the terror attack in Benghazi. “You can’t take these case by case.”

Coulter went on to say that Democrats have no problem with American families losing their members so long as U.S. interests abroad aren’t boosted by military intervention. She also blamed the decline of American power across the globe squarely on Obama’s shoulders.

“It’s utterly pathetic and embarrassing,” she said. “This guy Obama has done to America in eight years what it took 100 years to happen to the British empire.”

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