Fox News Jokes About Assassinating Hillary Clinton


May 5, 2014 11:58am PST

The Benghazi conversation is long from over and as it continues, Fox’s Cashin’ In brought on a panel to discuss the newly released email. During the course of the conversation, the one liberal panel member about blew a lid when another brought up a hypothetical Hillary assassination to prove his point.

Host Eric Bolling brought on the panel consisting of Juan Williams, Jonathan Hoenig, Michelle Fields, and Wayne Rogers to speak about Benghazi. During that time, no less then chaos ensued as it was a 4 vs. 1 fight leaving the one Liberal (Williams) huffing, puffing and muttering under his breath, “Oh my God.”

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Starting out the clip was Williams who began by saying that for the past two years, the Right has been, “trying to make something out of nothing.” Of course, as many Americans feel, this isn’t nothing as the lives of 4 Americans were lost that may have been able to be saved if it weren’t for the current administrations negligence (or perhaps worse).


In all, Williams stated that this is nothing more than an attempt to discredit Hillary Clinton and preventing her 2016 presidential run. Of course, Bolling called out Williams on the unlikelihood of that being the truth saying, “Maybe this all does have to do with Hillary running for president, and maybe 20 months ago they anticipated that and they started covering up then.”

After a slew of other comments were made about Obama’s anti-Americanism and the fact that he is there for nothing more than personal power and prestige, Rogers dropped the bomb.

Shooting for an irrefutable point that the Left could not have possibly argued against, he said, “Imagine that Hillary Clinton runs for president, and gets assassinated in the process and somebody shows up, a congressman, and says, ‘Well, what difference does it make anyway?’ I mean, the New York Times would have that on the front page!”

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Apparently Rogers thought wrong.

As we all know the Left would crucify anyone who said that about their beloved Hillary, Willams tried to deflect the damaging blow. “That is such a distortion,” Williams responded. “Nobody — I don’t care if you’re a Republican or Democrat — ever said it didn’t make any difference and Hillary Clinton didn’t say that. Hillary Clinton said, ‘What about the cause?’ People were going on and on about was it a group of terrorists, was it a group of people who were attacking the embassy?”

Taking it yet another step too far, Williams concluded by saying, “[They] were trying to go after the perpetrators, we were looking for real terrorists, not about public relations or not a political attack on her.” The Benghazi cover up was about just that – public relations. Obama was trying to get back into the White House at the time, and knowing that his abysmal and blood drenched negligence surely would have shown him the way out, he did what he does best – what best suits him.

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Obama covered up his own failures (whether they were an unforeseeable act or one cause by his own doing) despite American lives being lost, to secure his second term. It’s high time he pays the piper and Americans are allowed to get to the bottom of things.

What do you guys think – did Rogers go too far with his hypothetical or was he right on the money? Let us know in a comment below.


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