Obama Hires Bloomberg’s Food Police To Set National Diet


April 28, 2014 3:55pm PST

The same people who brought food restrictions to New York City are now the top administration officials who are trying to enact the same types of bans on America as they did the New York.

While they’re being called “guidelines,” they’re actually the furthest thing from them. According to the DailyCaller, there are several federal programs that are going to model their diets based on the bogus recommendations from the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee.

As the Caller notes, the minutes from the meetings from the committee sound more like an environmentalist’s and food police’s wet dream than they do actual meaningful dialogue.

Dr. Sonia Angell was the creator of NYC’s nanny-style policies that led to bans on many of our favorite foods and now she heads the Noncommunicable Disease Unit for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, otherwise known as the CDC. The CDC is now headed by the former chief of the Health Department under Bloomberg, Dr. Thomas Frieden.

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Apparently Dr. Agnell was invited to testify in front of the Dietary Advisory Guidelines Committee in March and she bragged about her work in NYC and how it’s not only suitable for new guidelines but also for coming up with new and creative ways to ban certain foods, like they did in NY.

She cited the city’s bans on trans fats in restaurants and said that she used the evolution of the policy to enlighten her thinking about recommending voluntary diet changes versus the government mandated changes, or in other words bad versus good.

She believes that they “certainly” had a “public health responsibility to take action” in banning the trans fats. She also thinks that by banning certain foods they have changed “the entire food supply to a default that is a healthier default. It isn’t about individual decision-making anymore, that’s taken out of it.”

Unfortunately the committee agreed with everything that she said and took it a step further.

Angell was introduced by Dr. Alice H. Lichtenstein as one of her “professional heroes.” It should be noted that under Angell NYC banned charitable food contributions to the homeless because the city couldn’t verify what was in them.

Then a man who was praised by the committee as “one of the most internationally esteemed obesity researchers and scholars in the field,” proved that they’re not about personal choice and said “I think the problem with the U.S. diet is how many choices we have.”

They talked about much more than just food guidelines as well, even mentioning Mexico’s “soda tax” as a good idea. They also had the insane idea of ensuring that we change the food environment to make it more “sustainable” as well as making sure that food has the “littlest impact on the environment.” That gem was mentioned by Dr. Miriam Nelson, obviously an environmental kook.

Nelson invited an “expert” from Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Kate Clancy, who pushed the idea of taking climate change into account when creating these dietary guidelines, saying that it would be “perilous” to not consider it.

So while these people claim to be working for the “greater good” of our health and helping to fight obesity, it would appear as if they’re more concerned with their environmental causes than anything. Not to mention the fact they’re totally willing to do away with personal choice and freedom in order to achieve their goals.

Such ideology is dangerous, yet our government is littered with these types of people. All that will happen from any of this is more bureaucracy intruding into our lives as a group of 50 people in a city far away decides what’s best for our individual diets, does that sound like the America you grew up in?

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