Experts: White America To End In 2041


April 22, 2014 9:01am PST

Liberal agenda is known for being rash and quickly thought out without much consideration being given to the future, or the results of any such propositions. As race is a major talking point for the left, due to their unrelenting need to lean upon it when a debate goes sideways, they have recently began celebrating the year 2041 – a time where whites are no longer be the majority.

Curious as it is to say, one begins to wonder what crutch they will choose to lean on during a time where racism is no longer a viable excuse.

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As we reported just last week, American’s have begun to mix and breed with other races prompting a slow transformation into what a future America will look like. In an effort to speed up the process however, Liberals have taken to actually encouraging interracial relationships in an effort to combat racism.

Of course to do that, whites will have to either be non-existent or at least an insignificant minority at that point.

Completely forsaking heritage, Liberals march forward to the sound of their “tolerance” drum condemning and leaving behind the exact essence that made America into what she is today. Seeing how doing something on principle seems to be more important that the own pride you should have for your race that others are allowed to outwardly portray, it seems that white America is on the decline.

Creating a society deluded through generations and nationality, America seems to be creating its own race. Comprised of white Europeans, Hispanics and blacks, the mixed race, as proposed will be standard come 2041, Liberals still have yet to even try and look into the future.

Back when affirmative action was enacted, the mentality was to protect the 1 out of every ten blacks in the work force. Retaliation, or reverse discrimination was non-existent as the percentage was so favored to whites.

Now that the work force is only comprised of about 25% of white men, the other 75% – comprising of blacks, Hispanics and women – now have a severe advantage almost already negating the need for such a law.

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Suggesting that we, as Americans, have come far enough to trust in one another to hire the best qualified for the job, just isn’t good enough for Liberals though. Those, even portraying the slightest effort that could be construed as racist, need to be punished to the fullest extent on principle and to be made an example out of.

Forget about the fact that the better-qualified white man with more experience was passed over because a certain company didn’t fill their quotas on blacks that month – that’s just a price that Americans (and by that, I mean whites) must pay to live in a racism free environment. Being that affirmative action is that law, it cannot be considered racism despite the fact that the only reason said man was given the job was solely on the bases of his skin tone.

As studies have come forward to demonstrate, the least productive of societies just so happen to be the most diverse. The distinction here is that those involved in the community, withdrawal from working toward the common good and instead focus on what will most benefit their own race.

Breeding generation upon generation in such a way as Liberals urge will have countless other effects unforeseen (or perhaps unwanted to be foreseen) on the country. Take for instance the education in our nation – whites and Asians constantly hold the higher test scores while blacks and Hispanics are consistently increasing in their illiteracy percentages (Hispanics 51%, blacks 71%).

Bred through generations of ever popular illiteracy, the number can only be expected to increase. The government, and schools, have pumped billions of dollars into the education, but the results aren’t being seen, because they aren’t there.

There’s no argument that as the future minorities (white and Asians) continue to graduate school that they will be chastised as they continue to hold the higher paying jobs. Liberals will only argue that the White elites continue to grasp onto their cultural power leaving a wake of destruction in their path.

Let’s just consider for a moment, if the illiterate were to take over the country on principle? What would become of America then?


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Forget about equality, forget about honesty, when it comes down to it, there is no winning when your white. The only way in which Liberals will rest is when Whites are extinct – thus then celebrating the year 2041.

What do you guys think – is this completely logical or just racist hysteria? Let us know in a comment below.


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