Michelle Obama Tells Kids “Splurging Is The Key To Life”


April 21, 2014 3:28pm PST

Leave it to the entitled Michelle Obama to come out with a quote such as this, but surprisingly it may not be in the context you initially thought. Recently speaking to kids about their diets, Michelle Obama informed children reporters that, “splurging is the key to life.”

Arguably one of the best things about Michelle Obama is that she thinks anyone cares what she has to say – especially little kids. You can just see a little boy or girl passing up on that candy bar because Michelle Obama said it was bad right?

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Speaking with child reporters, ranging in age from 6 to 13, she urged children to be careful of what they eat immediately following the White House Easter Egg Roll. Taking time out of the holiday that primarily is celebrated through the giving of chocolate Easter bunnies, Michelle made some time to plug her worthless agenda (sounds familiar).

Sharing that she too was the victim of temptation, hers being French fries, she asked, “How would you appreciate vegetables if you never had chocolate?” She went on to say, “You couldn’t live without a little chocolate, a little French fries.”

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Explaining that if the kids stay active and eat healthy most of the time, she states that those little divulgences won’t affect them in the slightest. She then went on to convey, “I still splurge when I can, but that’s why I try to exercise almost every day.”

The First Lady went on to explain that she holds this sentiment true to even her family as she keeps a close eye on what goes down the hatch of her daughters. Saying that by making sure they eat healthy most of the time, the occasional ice cream, or birthday cake isn’t such a big deal.

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Giving one last push, she once again urged kids to drink water and keep moving. “The more water you drink, the less room you’ll have for the junk.”

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