BREAKING: Team of Officials Now Investigating Obama’s ID Fraud


April 16, 2014 12:02pm PST

A recent report released by Peter Boyles from 710-KNUS out of Denver, Colorado said that a member of the House of Representatives met with a private investigator in regards to Obama’s birth certificate.

According to Mike Volin, who owns the website, said that Rep. Cory Gardner from Colorado had met with a private investigator in order to get to the bottom of Obama’s eligibility.

Volin and Boyles discussed in-depth the inconsistencies surrounding Obama’s birth certificate within the media and with those closest to Obama. The two men are convinced that everything about the President is a fraud and they have worked tirelessly to find out what his history is without appearing to be slowing down any time soon.

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They brought attention to cancellations on news shows, to flip flopping media pundits, to the forgery that’s been documented by an independent investigative team.

According to Volin, there will be a major revelation regarding the matter, saying it will be “soon” but not giving a specific time frame.

Listen to the audio clip and decide for yourself if the evidence supports their position. Let us know if you think Obama’s a fraud or not with a comment!

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