GRAPHIC VIDEO: Obama Backed Syrian Rebels Cut Off The Hand Of Thief (18+)


April 8, 2014 1:03pm PST

A toe curling new video shows just what kind of people compose of the vast majority of the Syrian rebels.  Openly backed and supported by Obama, this video proves that the Syrian rebels are no worse than their enemies.

The video begins with a man speaking to a very spirited crowd that all seem extremely excited to be where they are.  As it turns out, the speaker was addressing the crown and explaining the crimes of a man that was being detained off camera.

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The man had apparently stolen something from someone and had been caught and deemed a thief.  The punishment for such a crime?  The removal of one of his hands in a sort of civilian justice carried out by none other than the Syrian rebels.


The video then shows the man calmly awaiting his punishment with his hand outstretched on a table.  He arm is still being held down with some sort of homemade restraint consisting of a piece of wood.  It isn’t long before the man tasked with carrying out the criminal’s punishment begins his mission.

The enforcer of the court lifts a heavy blade of some sort and brings it down upon the man’s wrist in a stunning blow.  The first swing however doesn’t get the job done, so the man with the blade takes another whack and another.

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The blade wasn’t sharp enough, so the blade wielding man is then seen using the sharp edge in a sawing motion.  One can see the man squirm in agonizing pain as the terrorists complete their deed in the most inhumane way possible.

Once the task at hand – no pun intended – is completed, the man’s bloodied hand is then paraded around for the crowd to see as they erupt in cheering.  Let us know how this video made you feel by leaving a comment below.


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