Outrage Over Golf Digest’s Cover Cover Spread Featuring Scantily-Clad Model


April 6, 2014 11:43am PST

The latest edition of Golf Digest features model Paulina Gretzky on the cover and it has created quite the controversy in the world of women’s golf. The cover has caused an outcry from professional women golfers who feel that the magazine would be better served promoting someone on the tour rather than trying to sell issues with a pretty face. Gretzky is engaged to pro-golfer Dustin Johnson and has also been trying to improve her own game, which is detailed inside the magazine, however the members of the LPGA don’t seem to think that’s enough to warrant her being on the cover. Paulina-Gretzky-on-cover-of-Golf-Digest-thumb-350x459-132023 (Read More: CAUGHT ON TAPE: Nonchalant Exchange Ensues After Man Falls Through Golf Store Ceiling) Two-time major winner Stacy Lewis told the New York Times that “We don’t get respect for being the golfers that we are.” She added that “Obviously, Golf Digest is trying to sell magazines. But at the same time you’d like to see a little respect for the women’s game.” Her beliefs were echoed by seven-time major winner Juli Inkster, who said “It’s frustrating because it’s Golf Digest; it’s not Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue. I think they should maybe recognize some of the great women golfers that we have.” It’s important to note that Gretzky isn’t the first non-professional golfer to make the cover of the magazine, and it’s also not a frequent occurrence. Kate Upton appeared on the cover with Arnold Palmer and the Golf Channel anchor Holly Sonders has also appeared. (Read More: GALLERY: 10 Sexiest Golf Wives) Even though it’s not the first time, the commissioner of the LPGA sees it as a disappointment to those in the golf world. “Obviously we’re disappointed and frustrated by the editorial direction (and timing) Golf Digest has chosen with the announcement of its most recent magazine cover,” he said. “If a magazine called Golf Digest is interested in showcasing females in the game, yet consistently steers away from the true superstars who’ve made history over the last few years, something is clearly wrong.” The Golf Digest is defending its decision. They have a page on their website explaining why they chose Gretzky for the cover, saying she’s a “certified celebrity in the golf world and that she’s both attractive and fit. They also explain that like most of the readers of their magazine she’s “fairly new to golf, and she seemed a natural cover subject for our second annual issue devoted to fitness.” The editor-in-chief of the magazine also spoke in defense of their decision. “Sports figures, celebrities and models have appeared on Golf Digest covers since the magazine’s beginning,” he said. He added that “Paulina ranks at the high end of the golf celebrity scene today, and she has a compelling story to tell. She also might get some new people interested in the game.” Do you think that there should be outrage over the cover? Let us know with a comment, we love to read them! (Read More: She’s A Golfer? 15 Sizzling Hot Photos Of Pro-Golfer Meghan Hardin)


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