Students BLAST Michelle Obama’s Lunches Over Social Media


April 6, 2014 6:38am PST

Ever since the Obama’s have taken office, the nation has been subjected to terrible legislation, certainly not “of the people,” being crammed down the throats of Americans.  For Michelle Obama, this was literally the case.

It was almost immediate, the discontent nationwide, that was felt after Michelle enacted her anti-obesity campaign.  Trying to cut back on fattening foods at lunch, what she didn’t realize is that many kids were going hungry and malnourished, to say the least.

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Along with these uncomfortable effects of the “healthy” law that Michelle decided to force upon children everywhere, more than just a few of them were a little ticked off.  According to reports, at least 1 million children started bringing their own lunches as a direct result of Michelle’s genius idea.

Others took to creating a video that went viral after showing just what Michelle Obama’s campaign was doing to children.  Leaving them tired and without energy to complete the rest of the day, it pointed out that kids were going elsewhere to satisfy not only their hunger, but their junk food cravings anyways.


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Giving one last shot at the worthless, and arguably harmful, movement, kids have taken to voicing their opinions collectively nationwide, over social media, in hopes of being heard.  Take a look at a few pics snapped by less than happy students during their lunchtime below:







What do you think – would you be ticked if this was all you got for lunch as a student? Let us know in a comment below.

(h/t: The Blaze)


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