Movement To “Impeach Obama” Gaining Tremendous Speed


April 4, 2014 2:06pm PST

It seems as though the tides may be changing as those in favor of forcefully removing Obama from officer continue to grow in numbers.  As the seasons begin to change, one movement has recently come out from hibernation and are reporting that the number of those involved has gone up tremendously.

Overpasses for America, formerly known as Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment, is a movement that has gained quite a bit of notoriety around the nation.  At the end of last year, certain towns were being banned from protesting Obama’s administration as the government sought to silence the voices Americans.

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As members collaborate to picket overpasses of highways below, it seems the number of those so frustrated that they are now willing to do something about it is continuing to grow.

The news comes as the group has recently organized its first function of the year that they dubbed, “Spring Break Out.”  Having taken place at the end of March of 2014, the organization reports that they had a fantastic turnout.

The movement is only going up from there.  Recently announce is another event titled, “Patriots Day Patriot Wave,” in which Overpasses of America is set to partake in a collaborative movement nationwide.

The groups have already announced that they have had millions of replies saying they will be in attendance of the upcoming event that will urge for the impeachment of Obama.  Although the main event is to be held in Washington D.C., the organization has urged those not able to travel the distance to hold their own local events.


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Overpasses of America recently came forward with a press release, going into a bit more detail:

“On March 28th and 29th, 2014, Overpasses For America (formerly named Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment) stepped out to the overpasses and street corners of America for their 11th national protest.

Patriot Wave 11, dubbed by the group as Spring Break Out, was the first major event of 2014; and thousands of Overpasses members across America participated in the protests.

The group, founded in June 2013, is openly calling for the removal of Mr. Obama from the White House for many reasons, among them his ineligibility for office, crimes committed during his tenure in the White House, and multiple violations of the Constitution.

Signs and banners carried during the rallies cite things such as Benghazi, Extortion 17, ObamaCare, the fake birth certificate, voter fraud, and much more.

Overpasses For America Founder James Neighbors states the need for Obama’s removal from office extends well beyond his criminal actions, that Mr Obama and his collaborators must be made an example of for future generations of Americans, and as a warning to future politicians that the American people are awake (and are none too pleased with politics as usual across the nation.)

The movement has teamed up with Colonel Harry Riley and Operation American Spring, and members are carrying signs and banners about the Washington DC event that begins on May 16th. Organizers for OAS (Operation American Spring) state that over 5 million people have made commitments to be in Washington for the peaceful demand that Obama and many members of Congress step down from their positions, as well as the return to a Constitution-based government in our nation’s capitol.

Neighbors also states that the Overpasses movement is highly encouraging members to find their way to Washington DC for American Spring. He also emphasized that many members of the movement are in dire financial straits due to the failing economy, and those members will be rallying in their area so the nation is aware of the events occurring in Washington DC.

Neighbors continued by saying that those who will be in Washington for American Spring expect a media blackout, as is common by the mainstream media when disgruntled Americans protest to express their discontent; and the group believes the protesters across the nation will raise enough questions by the public to media outlets that they will either report the event, or further lose trust of viewers and readers.

On April 19th, 2014, Overpasses For America will hold their 12th national event, the Patriots Day Patriot Wave, with many more planned for the entire year.

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