VIDEO: Michelle Obama’s Security Bullies & Screams At Journalists Following Her On China Vacation


March 25, 2014 8:14am PST

When the White House announced that reporters wouldn’t be allowed to travel with the First Lady during her trip to China we knew there was going to be some secrecy involved. Now the reporters who have been allowed to “cover” the trip (from a distance) are saying that authorities have been treating them poorly and pushing them around.

It would seem as if authorities are trying to prevent the press from capturing embarrassing photos of Michelle since they’ve been actively working to keep them at a distance. Reporters are telling of being held behind red tape, being screamed at, being confined to certain areas, and even getting shoved in some cases.

Basically what the Chinese state officials are doing in censoring the press on behalf of the First Lady, but that’s also something we’re used to here in America.


If you remember correctly, this is the very administration that claims to be the “most transparent in history” yet has worked to block Freedom of Information requests and even banned unofficial photos out of the White House. They’ve also censored certain news stations from being a part of the press corps, a decision that was later reversed due to how unpopular it was.

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Now back to China. While the First Lady was visiting the Great Wall, reporters could only watch from a specific lookout tower which placed the stone sculpture that quotes Chairman Mao to their backs and taking away the vantage point that could have caught Michelle in front of it. Additionally the sales of the popular “Oba Mao” shirts were banned while she was there.



Then when Michelle sat down at the U.S. Embassy to discuss education with Chinese officials, the names of the officials were withheld and the press was given just four minutes to photograph the event then they were told to leave.

This trip has turned out to be a massive embarrassment to the United States and its people. From the entire staff at her nearly $8,500/night room hotel wishing she would leave to speaking about the need for an open press to the Chinese government while censoring our own press from documenting her trip, her hypocrisy has been showcased for the world to see.

To top this all off, she stood before a group of Chinese students and complained that she and her husband are the targets of much of the criticism within the United States.


“My husband and I are on the receiving end of plenty of questioning and criticism from our media and our fellow citizens. And it’s not always easy, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.”

Gee, let’s think about why that is for a minute.

What do you think, is she simply emulating what her and her husband do here in America while she’s in China? Sound off in the comments!

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