Michelle Obama and Entourage Inconveniencing ‘Pretty Much Everyone’ In China


March 22, 2014 8:39am PST

Michelle Obama, her mother and daughters are staying in Beijing, China at the luxurious Beijing Westin Hotel. The Presidential suite they are staying in is about 3400 square feet and costs about $8,350 per night.

Obama’s mother, Marian Robinson, has been reportedly been ‘barking at the staff’ since she arrived. The Daily Mail has also reported that the Secret Service has blocked off several of the entrances and is screening people as they come and go from the hotel.

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In addition, they have blocked off some of the rooms that surround the First Lady which has inconvenienced high-paying guests who are staying (or we’re staying) in those rooms.

The suite has been called ‘an oasis of comfort’ by the hotel and comes with a 24 hour butler, dining room and even a steam room. Still, a member of the staff has told the Daily Mail that ‘pretty much everyone’ is ready for it all to be over.

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The Secret Service entourage is reportedly massive and includes many Asian-American agents who ‘avoid standing out.’ This has caused some confusion for other guests at the hotel who don’t realize that the agents are American Secret Service. That makes it harder for guests to understand why they can’t board an elevator and enter or exit the hotel at certain times.


There is no denying Michelle Obama’s taste for the luxurious. She once characterized living in the White House to living in a prison. However, in all fairness, the staff has reported that she and her daughters have been nice and pleasant.

‘The first lady is gracious, and the girls are lovely,’ said a hotel employee. It seems to be Mrs. Robinson who has been the most demanding according to the hotel staff.

Judicial Watch has reported that a 13 hour trip the Obamas took to Africa cost taxpayers about $11 million  and a longer trip to Africa cost taxpayers about $100 million. With about 70 members of entourage and Secret Service detail on hand, expect the tab on this trip to rack up fast.

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