VIDEO: World Bank Insider Exposes Massive Global Conspiracy


March 11, 2014 11:52am PST

Karen Hedes used to be a Senior Counselor at the World Bank and after years of dealing with corruption on the inside she decided to leave the bank and has spent the last several years working with whistle blowers from around the world to expose a massive “global conspiracy.”

She was a member of the legal team for the World Bank and said that the amount of corruption she discovered was unreal so she couldn’t keep quiet any longer. She ended up having to go public with her revelations after following the proper channels got her nowhere. She said that she had went to the bank’s Evaluation Department along with its country directors, the U.S. Treasury Department and the U.S. Congress and all of them ignored her, some even covering up her story completely.

Her investigation has been widespread across the globe and taken up massive amounts of time. After she had left the bank and joined an organization of other whistle blowers she started connecting the dots and what she’s discovered is more than frightening. She claims that the corruption goes far beyond the world bank and is in integral part of the political and financial systems all across the world.

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In an interview with Future Money Trends Hudes claims to have “solved the mystery as to why humanity has had nothing but wars and terrible problems,” and “why we’re always at each other’s throats.” She also claimed that the group is part of “a huge conspiracy.”

The interview covered every major event throughout history all the way back to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and completely exposes how the global power structure works, and just how far the people who control it will go in order to maintain complete and total control.

It’s long been suspected that the world is controlled by bankers, politicians, businessman, and secret societies that work in unison to maintain their power and control over the people of the world and Hudes’ research has been able to put some substance to the accusations. The connections that have been made are more than just speculation and bring facts to the matter, something that has been missing.

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She sheds light on what she calls a “power transition model” which shows that the control these people have is slipping from their grasp and bad things are going to start happening.

“A very accurate… it’s called the power transition model… it uses political science and computer modelings… that model is 90% to 95% accurate… and it is predicting that the corruption that has been plaguing the world, it turns out for millennia, is coming down… a lot of people call that the Matrix, a lot of people call that the banksters… it’s actually much, much more,”

The topics in her interview include such things as JFK, Lincoln, Edward Snowden, the banks being too big to fail actually being one giant banking cartel, a false flag nuclear attack on America that the Russians exposed, loss of confidence in the U.S. dollar leading to apocalyptic events, and even the discovery that there’s a second species of humans on the earth with larger brains that are still in existence.

Her interview is definitely worth listening to even if only to get a different view on something that seems more plausible as more information becomes available.

What do you think, is there a global conspiracy for power and control? Sound off in the comments!

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