VIDEO: Jay Leno Rips Into Obama With “Birther” Remark


February 21, 2014 12:02pm PST

Towards the end of his long time run on the Tonight Show, Jay Leno became increasingly vocal about his dislike for the current administration which led some to believe that’s why he may have lost his job in the first place.

Well back in September during the opening monologue of one of his shows, Leno seemingly joined the ‘birther’ movement for a night.

After cracking a few jokes at John Kerry and the President of France he changed direction and started poking fun at Obama. After ripping on Obama’s foreign policy, he turned and said that “Kenyans now say he wasn’t even born here.” Which was an obvious attack on Obama for covering up his past and the questions surrounding his birth certificate.

This isn’t surprising, given Leno’s relentless attacks on the President and his administration in past months.

It’s just too bad he’s not going to be around anymore.

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