VIDEO: Prisoner May Be Able To Take Down Obama


February 17, 2014 11:30am PST

A West Virginia convict who almost beat out President Obama in the 2012 Democratic primary has filed a series of lawsuits against the President regarding his eligibility, one of which is about to end up in court.

Keith Judd alleges that Obama was illegally placed on the ballot in his state and one lawsuit he filed on May 9 of 2013 is scheduled to be heard in federal court in upcoming months.

His primary lawsuit alleges that Obama is a natural born citizen of “Kenya, East Africa” and as such he is ineligible to be president of the United States. He also included in the lawsuit a printout of what he says is the long form birth certificate of Obama’s from Kenya listing Barack Hussein Obama as his father.

He also claims to have challenged Obama’s eligibility with the Democratic Party in Alabama without any response and has listed the Secretary of State of Alabama, Democrat Party, and Obama in his lawsuit.

There was also a similar, but unrelated, lawsuit brought against then Secretary of State of Alabama that alleged Beth Chapman had failed to perform her duties as Secretary and properly vet the presidential candidates. The case hasn’t been decided yet, however within it are sworn affidavits from the lead investigator from Joe Arpaio’s “Cold Case Posse”, Mike Zullo, that states Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery as discovered by numerous professionals who examined it.

Chapman has since resigned from her position, citing the death of her husband and so she could pursue ventures in the private sector.

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