New Bill Forces Michelle Obama To Eat The Same Food She Requires In School Lunches


February 13, 2014 3:56pm PST

A new bill being proposed would help to end the hypocritical rule of the Obama’s and force them to abide by the same “Let’s Move” guidelines Michelle Obama has pushed in schools across America.

Illinois Republican Rodney Davis has introduced the bill after a recent dinner at the White House for French President Hollande combined excess and gluttony, making him decide that enough is enough.

Last Tuesday’s dinner consisted of a 2500 calorie feast that included dry-aged prime rib served with a side of bleu cheese, 12 different kinds of potatoes, and quail eggs to top it all off. That was after farm raised caviar served with a fresh “winter garden salad.” Dessert was a chocolate malted cake with Hawaiian chocolate and tangerines from Florida, Pennsylvanian vanilla ice cream, lavender shortbread cookies, cotton candy dusted with orange zest, and fudge made with pure Vermont maple syrup.

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Current USDA standards for daily calorie intake are 1,200 per day for students and that’s what Michelle has been pushing as a part of her anti-obesity campaign.

Davis says the intent of his bill, H.R. 3686, the School Nutrition Fairness Act, is “to make sure this administration is aware of the real-life impact their regulations are having on our kids who are going hungry and our smaller school districts who are struggling to keep up with the increased costs.”

Davis claims the president and first lady’s actions are “the height of hypocrisy.”

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