Obama Releases Video Promising More Executive Action In 2014


February 10, 2014 3:01pm PST

I can just imagine when the higher powers sat Obama down before his bid for the Presidency.  I think it went something like, “Ok, Barry, we’re going to have to do an overhaul on your past.  First we’ve got to settle the issue about you being born in Kenya – we’ll just doctor up a fake birth certificate for that one, no biggie.  We also need to make it look like you went to a good college, so how does Columbia sound?  Also, don’t say a word about your affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood – try to look as Christian as possible.  I know this is starting to sound like a lot of lies, but don’t let it phase you, you’re going to be the first black President of the United States!  And did we mention that there is this really cool thing called executive action?  It basically means that you can do whatever you want and everyone else has to listen.  It’s like Simon Says for grown ups.  Sounds great, right?”

Well in another stunning account of Obama’s affinity for abusing executive action, he has released a barf-worthy video proclaiming from the roof tops that he will do whatever necessary to further his agenda – step aside, Congress!  The video is titled “Year of Action” (they left out the word “executive” to try and fool all the Conservatives).  It begins with a clip of his SOTU address, you know, the one where he says that wherever and whenever he can take steps without legislation, that’s what he’s going to do.  Then, amidst inspiring music, he tells us that a lot of Americans “do not have time to wait for Congress”.  What he really means is that his spending spree of our tax dollars does not have time to wait for Congress to real him in before we go further into debt.  The rest of the video is just a bunch of glorified BS about all the great things he will do in the coming year with or without the approval of Congress.  At the end, he promises another video to be released on February 12th.  Can you wait?!

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Were you able to stomach Obama’s latest bit of propaganda?  With his most recent approval ratings so far in the gutter, is this just a ploy to gain back a little love from his supporters?  Let us know how you feel about his imperial presidency in the comments section below!

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