Document Examiner Releases New Evidence That Obama’s Birth Certificate IS 100% FAKE


January 28, 2014 7:39am PST

We here at Mr. Conservative wouldn’t presume to say that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States or that his father isn’t Barack Obama, Sr. We merely point out anomalies in the information he has produced about his youth, and we report on documentary challenges to Obama’s autobiography. Lately, these challenges have been coming on thick and fast.  (As an aside, it’s also been strange that Obama has been erased from his classmates’ memory at Columbia.)

Most recently, Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse concluded that both Obama’s long-form birth certificate (prominently displayed at the White House website) and his selective service card are forgeries. This conclusion has been met with surprising silence from the Left. Perhaps they simply don’t know how to respond to the thousands of hours of investigation, the quality of the investigators, or the detailed challenges to the document Obama has produced (electronically only) with the claim that it’s the real deal.

PP Simmons has just published a fascinating new piece of information that may go a long way to explaining the deafening silence from the Obama team. Mike Zullo, who is the lead investigator for the Cold Case Posse, filed a detailed affidavit with the Alabama Supreme Court, giving chapter and verse on the problems with Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate. In that document, he cited to Reed Hayes, a Certified Document Examiner in Honolulu, Hawaii. Zullo says that Hayes produced a 40-page, currently still-confidential, opinion spelling out the problems with the birth certificate.

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Because of his prominent role in challenging the birth certificate, Hayes should be a prime target for the Obama-ites. It turns out, though, that there’s a big problem with targeting him and the problem starts with Obama’s own defense team. Perkins-Coie is a law firm that has been working for Barack Obama for five years defending him against challenges to his birth certificate and his citizenship. (Being a “natural born American” is, of course, a prerequisite for being President of the United States.)

It turns out that Hayes has worked as an expert witness for Perkins-Coie. If Hayes’ expert opinion finally makes it to a judge, and Perkins-Coie is called upon to defend Obama’s birth certificate against the charge that it is fraudulent, Perkins-Coie will have a very hard time challenging Hayes’ expertise and credibility. After all, in the past, Perkins-Coie had concluded that Hayes had the proper expertise and credibility to serve their own clients.

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Mike Zullo summed up the problems that the Obama team will have with Hayes’ expert testimony:

This ought to serve as a warning shot across the bow to the naysayers of our criminal investigation in the Obama fraud case. The impressive credentials of Mr. Hayes, and the fact that he has testified in court cases for Perkins-Coie coupled with the fact that Mr. Hayes is a registered Democrat, demonstrates the integrity of our investigation and our conviction that we possess incontrovertible evidence to back our case. It must be emphasized that we possess much more evidence similar to this revelation that we have not yet released for public information.

And while we’re talking about problems with the documents that Barack Obama has produced to support his version of his history, Bill Schanefelt, writing at American Thinker has resurrected some photographs from the 2008 campaign that purport to show (1) Obama’s happy boyhood with his mother, sister, and grandfather; and (2) his happy relationship as a young adult with his white grandparents. They’re nice photos. They’re also really weird.

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For example, if you look closely at the picture of Obama standing with his mother, sister, and grandfather, you’ll notice that his very white-skinned mother has a brown fist tucked under Obama’s right arm:

Obama and his mom who has a black hand

Here’s a close-up:

Obama's mom has a black hand

Unless his mother had some bizarre – and hitherto undisclosed – skin condition, someone’s been playing around with this photo.

The same is true for the photograph of Obama allegedly seated between his grandfather and grandmother.

Obama and his granddad who as a peculiarly jointed arm

This is one of those pictures that looks normal until you look at Stanley Dunham’s left hand hovering lightly above Obama’s left shoulder. After a moment, you’ll realize that Stanley’s elbow would have had to start bending just an inch or two below his own shoulder in order to rest on Obama’s shoulder that way. Hmmm.

Two bloggers had the same idea: “Let’s see what happens if we take Obama out of the picture, and let his grandparents cuddle up together. Suddenly, Stanley looks less deformed.”

From Big Fur Hat at iOwnTheWorld:

Obama's grandfather and grandmother

Obama's grandfather and grandmother2

From Richard Terrell at Aftermath:

Obama's grandfather and grandmother3

Here’s the bottom line – we don’t what Obama’s real story is. What we do know, though, is that he’s made the decision to advance a series of questionable documents and photographs to support the story he wants us to believe. Put another way, if Obama has nothing to hide, why is he so obviously lying?


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