Why Didn’t The First Family Allow Camera’s At Michelle’s Birthday?


January 22, 2014 11:35am PST

There has been much speculation around the secrecy regarding Michelle’s 50th birthday bash.  Most people chalked it up to the fact that the First Family just wanted a little privacy, but could there be a little more truth to that story?

Michelle’s birthday party brought in celebrities of all sorts as well as high ranking government officials–but the fact of the matter was, the event, was extremely top secret. The Chicago Tribune reported, “So great was the secrecy surrounding the party that guests were handed an invitation — on their way out.”

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The White House was so adamant on their strict “no cell phone” policy making sure that photo’s weren’t leaked on the internet that they encouraged attendees to leave their phones at home.  If guests were brave enough to try and sneak phones past Secret Service, they were also prepared for that as well with a “cell phone check” table.

People magazine reported, “Signs at the party told guests: No cellphones, no social media. Guests had been greeted by a ‘cellphone check’ table where they deposited their camera phones on arrival and it was understood that this was not an occasion for tweeting party photos or Facebooking details.”

So what exactly was this mandated top secret policy surrounding the First Lady’s birthday party all about?

Though some speculate that they just wanted their privacy, others believe the President’s actions to be more political in nature.  Some conject that the real reason Obama really didn’t want any photos getting out is because it would go against the “income inequality,” belief he’s been spouting.

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Bryan York, of the Washington Examiner, suggests, “[M]aybe … the White House felt photos of a champagne-soaked, star-studded party would be somewhat off-message. But the Obamas are well-off, accomplished people. They can have a big party if they want (and if they pay for it). Why hide it?”

We all know the freeloading first family—who are bound and determined to promote more with the similar mindset—loves to take advantage of all the “free” taxpayer dollars.  So in all reality, they didn’t pay for it.  Maybe they didn’t want you to see what Obama is doing with that hard earned money that would have been better suited in your own pockets.

Either way, it can most surely be stated that Obama did not foot the bill on this one.  Using tax dollars is becoming Obama’s forte—and although he doesn’t have a problem spending your money, he would hate to have to deal with the flack people would give him when they found out just how excessively extravagant this party was.

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Could you imagine the outrage if America were to see how the Obama’s live while the rest of American struggles just to keep a job—if they have one?  Obama’s continued misconstrued conception that being President somehow gives him the privilege to live like a King is starting to get to Americans—and this thought is exactly what he sought to deflect.

What do you think—what is the real reason Obama didn’t want any pictures leaked? Let us know in a comment below!


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