VIDEO: Michelle Obama Acts Like An Idiot With The Miami Heat In New Promo


January 22, 2014 7:45am PST

While the Miami Heat were in the White House after Obama invited them over where he whined that Americans didn’t respect him, it appears as if Michelle took advantage of the athletes visit.  The events that transpired were released in one of the most bizarre promotional videos ever, let alone for her “Let’s Move!” campaign.

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The video will literally have you shaking your head asking, “What did I just watch?”


“Let’s Move!,” attempts to get children up and active, all while eating healthier and drinking water, “to combat childhood obesity.”

Deputy director of “Let’s Move!,” Elyse Cohen, wrote in a blog post, “Rumor had it, during their visit, they teamed up with the first lady in support of “Let’s Move!,” to highlight the importance of eating healthy and drinking water to perform like a champion.”


The PSA announcement was released last Tuesday explaining that Michelle, along with the 2013 Miami Heat champions, filmed the strange video in the Diplomatic room.

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The video shows some of the basketball players eating apples and drinking water including Chris Bosh’s notorious camera bomb where he took a swig of water.  The weirdest person in the video however was the one that was supposed to be the most contained—Michelle.


Michelle, with a serious of extremely bizarre facial expressions, was seen eating apples as well as even slam dunking a basketball into a hoop held by LeBron James.  After which, she held one of the weirder faces ever seen on camera where she taunted, “Oooooooohhhhh, OH!”


Continuing in the odd format of the video, the clip finishes with Michelle sitting with the rest of the basketball stars, all eating apples.  Michelle then states they’re, “pretty good, huh?” to which the guys unanimously agree and say “mhmm,” as they choke down their apples.


After watching this video, it is still unclear of what point she was trying to make.  We know apples and water are the healthier choice—but they’re not THAT good.

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