Guess Who Paid For Michelle Obama’s Lavish 50th Birthday Bash


January 21, 2014 1:25pm PST

It’s no surprise that Michelle Obama enjoys the perks of the White House as she somehow thinks it appropriate that her position allow her to live like a queen. As she and her husband continue to use the Federal Reserve as their own personal checking account, it’s hard to tell who foots the bill for the Obama’s endeavors.

Michelle managed to find 500 of her “closest” friends out of her address book and invited all of them.  Some of her new celebrity friends even showed up including Beyonce, Stevie Wonder, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan.  Beyonce and Stevie Wonder even took time out of the festivities to perform for the birthday girl.

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Guests reportedly had a fun time dancing to live music, all with the luxury of an open bar.  The first lady was said to have looked, “very comfortable and happy—very celebratory.”  She even took time out of her day to tweet, “Excited to join Barack in the 50+ club.”

Of course, as the Obama’s have rudely made a habit of not letting photographers take candid pictures of the family, they insisted that people refrain from taking pictures and sharing them on social media.

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The Obama’s are no stranger to spending absurd amounts of tax payer dollars so they can have a little fun.  In fact, it was just recently reported that their African vacation cost tax payers a little over $400,000.  This, along with their two, fully paid, Hawaii vacations, the Obama’s truly do enjoy living like royalty.

Seeing how Barack and Moochelle have made a habit of spending other people’s money, who do you think footed the bill for their latest party?  How does this make you feel? Let us know in a comment below!


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