Despicable Media Covers Michelle Obama’s Birthday Twice As Much As Benghazi


January 20, 2014 5:13pm PST

It really goes to show the current condition of our media that is so politically correct that it would rather hide the truth than be labeled a racist.  NewsBustsers recently completed a study that demonstrated just this as it revealed that Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday bash got twice as much coverage as Benghazi.

The study was completed analyzing how much the media talked about the recent document released by the Senate and compared it to air times covering the FLOTUS’s festivities.

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As it turns out, ABC could only spare 2 minutes on the document that shed light on the unnecessary deaths of American lives, but somehow for a whole 10 minutes to talk about Michelle’s birthday.  The same went for CBS and NBC.  They only figured Bengazi was relevant for under 15 minutes, but rambled on about what dress the First Lady was going to wear for a full 30 minutes each.

Newsbusters explained  that for some reason, the media acted as if they were all personally invited to the birthday party, and celebrated a full two days before the event.  They expound fully on the issue saying:

ABC started pre-partying two days before Michelle’s actual birthday on Friday. ABC’s Lara Spencer, on Wednesday’s Good Morning America, focused on a People magazine interview “just before her 50th birthday” on “her take on plastic surgery and Botox.” Spencer then gleefully teased: “The big day is fast approaching.” Through Monday morning ABC had devoted five full reports and two briefs to the First Lady’s birthday.

NBC started their celebration on Thursday’s Today show with White House correspondent Kristen Welker, as she excitedly declared: “For days they’ve been gearing up for a big bash here at the White House. Guests were told to wear comfortable shoes and to be prepared to move around a lot, an indication there will be no shortage of dancing here. You can also bet there will be a long list of celebrities to pull off a party fit for a First Lady.”

So the unnecessary death of four American lives that, as it turns out, could have been prevented is only worth the 45 minutes of our weekend.  The fact that a selfish woman who cares more about her own safety (Hillary Clinton) than those she swore to protect was talked about in blink-of-the-eye format is truly disgusting. But as she said, “What difference does it make?”

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Instead, we talk about a party as if we’re personally invited for days on end?  The depths that the mainstream media have settled to is really quite disturbing, and the worst part is, they’re comfortable there.  They would rather look the other way of Obama and his administration’s actions instead of being labeled a racist in the land of the politically correct.

I don’t even want to know how much mandated tax payer dollars was spent on the Moochelle’s 50th birthday party.

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