Obama Nominates First Ever African-American Lesbian As Federal Judge


January 17, 2014 1:02pm PST

After all these years, Obama continues to play the political and racial game when he recently nominated an openly gay African-American woman to be a Federal Judge.

Fully taking advantage of his power, and making sure to appear in his most diverse light, Obama has made sure to nominate someone sure to give him a boost in the polls.  Using the liberal mindset of “diversity,” Obama has nominated Staci Michelle Yandle, an African-American woman, and first ever—if confirmed by the Senate—lesbian, as a Federal Judge.

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Obama continues to demonstrate his “tolerant” mindset by showing the people just how much he cares about everyone as a whole.  In fact, out of all the judges Obama has nominated over the years, 56 have been African-American.

Republicans were hoping to block any and all nominations that Obama had when it came to judges, but because Democrats—spear headed by Harry Reid–changed the rules of filibusters, it appears this may not happen.  Our friends to the right took it upon themselves to change the rules our very forefathers set into place all those years ago just so they could get what they want.

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We can only hope now that the changes don’t go into effect until after Obama tries to push his political agenda—I mean nominations—through the Senate.

What do you guys think—does this woman actually deserve the position or is it just another of Obama’s publicity stunts? Let us know in a comment below!


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