Justin Bieber Getting Deported?


January 17, 2014 8:00am PST

The dreams of so many are dangling right in front of their faces as Justin Bieber is facing deportation.  Officials say that if he is convicted of the felony vandalism he is being charged with for egging his neighbor’s house, his work visa could be revoked, sending him back to Canada.

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According to reports, the owner of the house next to Bieber is claiming Bieber’s “fun” is going to cost about $20,000 in repairs.  Keep in mind here that these “houses” are multimillion dollar mansions.


The neighbor claims that it is going to cost about $15,000 to re-plaster, what he says is needed, the entire front of the house in Venetian plaster. Along with this, the remaining $5,000 is needed to re-stain the front door and repair the entryway.

In California, once the damage exceeds $400, the crime is then turned into felony vandalism.

During the dispute, the neighbor heard something pounding into his house when he went to his second story balcony to investigate.  He saw the 19-year-old star hurling at least 20 eggs at his house when he told his daughter to call the police—which she did.


TMZ reports that the incident was caught on camera when Bieber’s neighbor shouted, “I can f***ing see you!”

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Getting no response, he yells again, “What the hell are you doing?”  The pompous teeny-bopper star, instead of explaining his actions, screamed, “F**k you! I got another one for you, actually.”

Police recently secured a search warrant  allowing them access to the young star’s multimillion dollar estate.  Showing up, battering ram in hand, they searched the residence for any evidence related to the crime and even seized Bieber’s cell phone.  Police say they are looking for any text message, video, or picture that could incriminate him in any way.


TMZ reports Bieber is worried about references to drugs on his phone or that naked pictures may be leaked.  Of course, unless there’s actually proof of drugs, and since the warrant didn’t detail drugs to be sought after, he couldn’t be arrested for anything incriminating in that sense.

This, by far, is not Bieber’s first run in with police either, as he is becoming quite the nuisance in his neighborhood.  During the past months, Justin has had the police called on him several times for extremely loud parties that last into the wee hours of the morning.  One night police were reported to show up three times.

Another incident involved a dispute with someone else in the neighborhood that confronted Bieber about speeding around the complex in his Ferrari.  The star was reported to have spit in the man’s face, and police got involved after the man claimed Bieber threatened him saying, “I’m going to f**king kill you.”

One of Bieber’s house guests was also arrested for cocaine possession.  Lil Za, who was reportedly living in Bieber’s mansion with him for months, was busted when police noticed the cocaine, “in plain sight.”  Of course, the rapper is claiming that he was racially profiled by police when he said, “look at…the color of my skin. Cocaine? Really?”


It has been confirmed that Bieber was “not connected” to the cocaine.

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As Bieber begins be more of a hindrance than a contributor to society it looks like the U.S.A. is about to throw him overboard. Law enforcement personnel stated, “If Justin is charged with felony vandalism and convicted, it’s very likely his work visa, allowing him to live in the United States, would be revoked.”

What do you guys think—would you like to see Justin Bieber deported? Let us know in a comment below!


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