Rush Limbaugh: Obama Will Still Be “President” After Term Ends


January 9, 2014 12:10pm PST

As millions of Americans count down the days left Obama has in office, rumors have been floating around of the possibility that Obama will remain, in some effect, in the dealings of the White House.  Now some rumors have gone around that he might campaign for a third term but the latest news states that after his 2nd term, Obama is going to remain in Washington DC.  Rush Limbaugh took a crack at the issue during his radio talk show and his personal prediction, may send a chill down your spine.

Limbaugh explained a few things about Democrats and their need to carelessly change hundreds of years of tradition.  For example, he explained that no President spoke about their successors, until the likes of Bill Clinton.  Limbaugh further explained that Democrats have habitually, “blown up a number of time-honored traditions involving the presidency, one of which is: When you’re time is up, you go. You don’t comment on your successor.”

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Along with this, FDR—another Democrat—took advantage of the tradition that presidents only ran for two terms.  Of course after this abuse, the constitution was amended to definitively state the two term limit—a reason it is highly unlikely Obama run for a third term.

So, if presidents have traditionally returned back to their home after completing their term(s) in office, why is Obama planning on staying in DC after his term is up?  As Rush Limbaugh explains, Obama wants to, “stay in town to make sure that whatever he accomplishes is not unwound.” For example the disaster that is his Obama’s legacy—Obamacare.  Limbaugh provides an example saying that if the next Republican running in the 2016 presidential race gets elected, he will more than likely begin to dismantle a few of the unconstitutional aspects of the law.

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Limbaugh claims that in response, “Obama is going to call the media, and he’s going to go on TV as though he’s still president, and the media will treat him that way.” In other words, using the media who has already proven themselves to be the President’s personal cheering squad, he is going to point out what the next president is “doing wrong.”  And as the mainstream media will continue to be Obama’s lapdog, whatever he goes on to say will be considered the, “news that day.”

Making a flat our prediction Limbaugh states:

“I guarantee you folks, even after he’s out of office, he is going to be treated by the media as though he’s still president. And this may be the case even with a Democrat president. Whatever the next president does, the media is going to go to Obama every day.”

Continuing his point, he believes that, “within days of the new president’s inauguration, [Obama] will be calling press conferences, and whatever he thinks is going to be the news that day. There is no other reason to stay.”

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Is this perhaps the real reason Obama wants to stay in DC–to meddle in future presidential affairs? Let us know what you think in a comment below!


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