Gruesome: Brazilian Prison Gang Decapitate Rivals, Parade Heads Like Trophies


January 8, 2014 9:59am PST

Gruesome video has emerged from Brazil showing the results of a vicious gang war that has been raging for the better part of last year inside the prison. The video shows decapitations and bloody bodies.

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This latest series of attacks occurred on December 17 and took place at Pedrinhas jail in the north-eastern state of Maranhao. In this jail, 62 inmates were killed in 2013.

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Several jails in Brazil have gotten completely out of the control of authorities with gangs running them instead of guards.

Recently a federal judge went to the media to highlight the situation even reporting that in some jails female visitors to the jails are forced to engage in sexual relations with gang members inside the prison.

Guards can’t even protect outsiders that enter the prisons much less stop the internecine wars between rival gangs inside the prisons.

Authorities have announced plans to try and cull the leaders of the gangs and have them transferred to other jails.

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The Pedrinhas jail has been the site of several major outbreaks with beheadings of enemies being a typical occurrence.

In October 10 were killed and 30 injured when guards tried to stop an escape tunnel being built and in April a bloody fight broke out that lasted 30 hours and left 18 dead.

Inmates are also protesting their living conditions. They say water is polluted and food is inedible.

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Authorities are promising reform.

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