The Ten Most Shocking Moments of 2013


December 27, 2013 3:45pm PST

As the year 2013, wraps up, we here at Mr. Conservative though we’d take a look at the years most shocking moments! Take a look below and let us know what you think!

The Boston Marathon Bombing

Explosion at Boston marathon

On April 15, 2013, radical Muslims caused chaos throughout the country after placing two “pressure cooker” bombs in the crowd of the Boston Marathon.  The attack killed three Americans and resulted in an all out manhunt for the two terrorists.  Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were eventually found by police resulting in the death of Tamerlan and the arrest of Dzhokhar.  Shortly after, he was featured on the Rolling Stone magazine, and the photo of his arrest was released in response.



Edward Snowden NSA Leaks


The computer specialist for the NSA allowed for his moral obligation to prevail when he released the bombshell reports demonstrating the massive secret NSA surveillance program.  Marked as a traitor to America, he traveled around the world seeking asylum until finally being granted it in Russia.

Zimmerman Proven Innocent In Trayvon Martin Case


To the dismay of several race baiters—ahem, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton–Zimmerman was proven innocent by a jury of his peers in the case where he killed the teenage Trayvon Martin.  The case leaned heavily on self defense and Florida’s stand your ground laws which ended up covering his actions and determining them to be legal.

Putin Embarrasses Obama Over Syria Solution


Remember when Obama was pushing so hard to send out weapons, money, and soldiers to Syria to fight alongside terrorists despite complete American opposition?  Well the blinder’s Obama has on that only allows him to persue his own political agenda allowed for Putin to blindside him.  Putin swept in as a hero seeking a different solution for Syria and also exposing Obama as the liar he is.  Putin demanded that President Assad of Syria hand over all chemical weapons and he would be allowed to remain in power—an option Obama claimed to have given to Assad.  Assad complied, Obama got egg on his face, and whispers started circulating about Putin receiving the next Nobel Peace Prize.

Ted Cruz’s 21 Hour Filibuster During The Government Shutdown To Defund Obamacare

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz single-handedly shut down the government in the most determined effort to stop Obamacare in its tracks.  During the 21 hour filibuster he even read Green Eggs and Ham.  Of course this didn’t mean much after Republicans soon bent over for Democrats and Obama allowing them to reopen the government and pass Obamacare.  Democrats at the time were saying that Republicans were holding Congress “hostage,” but as we all know, “it takes two to tango.”

The Disastrous Obamacare Roll-out


The terrible disaster of a roll out that cost American’s $600,000,000 is just another mark on Obama’s presidency.  Instead of just admitting they made a mistake, Obama and his administration did what they do best—lie.  They tried to convince people that the site was only built to keep up with 50,000 people a day.  But as we all know, the amount of people that needed insurance—and lost it due to Obamacare—would in no way been able to sign up in order to meet the 3 month deadline at 50,000 per day.

Obama’s Lie Of The Year: “If You Like Your Health Insurance, You Can Keep It”


We all know this one, and after 6,000,000 people lost health insurance because of Obama’s newest mandated aspect of his political agenda, he was left exposed.  As it turns out, Obama knew not only months, but years before the Obamacare roll-out that this was going to happen.

Paul Walker’s Death


The death of Paul Walker shocked America after learning about the actor’s early demise.  As more and more came out about the man, it seemed to be a case of, “gone too soon.” Being an extremely charitable man for those in need, it was revealed that he died just after leaving a charity event.  It left many Fast and the Furious fans quite upset.

Obama’s “Selfie”


During the time of mourning, the President of the United States, took to flirting with the Danish Prime Minister and even going as far as to take a “selfie.”  The gravity of the situation was made quite clear by the look on Michelle Obama’s face throughout the incident where she finally swapped seats, separating the two.  As all other Presidents knew what a time for mourning meant, Obama showed no couth or care about Mandela but more demonstrated an obligated appearance.


The Duck Dynasty Homosexual Controversy


Still right in the thick of it, Duck Dynasty is under fire after Phil Roberston expressed his beliefs about homosexuality and the place it has within his religion.  Although many gay rights activists are calling for his termination, it seems that this may not be the case.  The outpouring in support of the TV star has been quite extreme and A&E isn’t quite ready to give up its cash cow just yet.


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