Christians Losing Ground in America: Belief in God Down, Belief in Darwin Up


December 23, 2013 1:57pm PST

With the entirety of the old media establishment in the U.S. daily attacking Christians, calling them evil and trying to turn Americans against all religions (well, except for Islam), it is no wonder that belief in God is falling in America today. If a new Harris poll is any indication, the haters are winning and Charles Darwin is the recipient of that victory.

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According to Harris, belief in God is down from 82 percent in 2005, ’07, and ’09, belief in Darwin’s theories is up, and people who claim to be very religious is cratering.

For instance, the poll found that only two in ten Americans now call themselves “very religious,” a result that is down from the last poll in 2007. But those that claim not to be religious at all rose to 23 percent, a number that exploded by double the 12 percent who said so in 2007.

Christian places of worship are being destroyed all over the world.

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UPI reports:

The Harris Poll found 57 percent of U.S. adult say they believe in the virgin birth of Jesus, down from 60 percent in 2005, and 72 percent say they believe in miracles, down from 79 percent in 2005, while 68 percent say they believe in heaven, down from 75 percent. Sixty-eight percent say they believe Jesus is God or the son of God, down from 72 percent; and 65 percent say they believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, down from 70 percent.

Darwin seems to have gained some fans since 2005. Belief in Darwin’s theory of evolution is up to 47 percent. This is up from 42 percent in 2005, Harris found.

Harris also looked at some of the more exotic beliefs, like ghosts and UFOs.

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“The survey found 42 percent of adults say they believe in ghosts,” UPI reported, “36 percent say they believe in creationism, 36 percent say they believe in UFOs, 29 percent say they believe in astrology, 26 percent say they believe in witches and 24 percent say they believe in reincarnation, or that they were once another person.”

The Harris Poll surveyed 2,250 U.S. adults online from Nov. 13-18. No margin of error was provided.

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