“Bikini Teacher” Gets Payback On School, Poses For Hustler Magazine Cover

Mr. Conservative

The teacher that was fired for posing for magazines in her bikini is getting “payback” on the school that forced her to resign. The “bikini teacher,” who moonlit as a bikini model, recently posed for the cover of the pornographic Hustler magazine.



The ex-teacher, Olivia Sprauer, who goes by her stage name Victoria James, originally stated that she would not pose for the magazine because, “I don’t do spread-eagle shots for the camera, so I don’t think Hustler is going to work out.”

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Apparently, Hustler figured it out, as she made her way to the cover.   The magazine even did a 14-page pictorial on the woman with an article and interview about the incident with her ex-employer.


In reference to her release she stated that, “If getting naked betters my life, that’s a positive thing for me.”  She went on to mention that if it weren’t for the school firing her after posing, “for a series of bikini-clad modeling shots,” she would have quit voluntarily anyway to, “pursue a modeling career.”


Recalling back to the moment, she said that the principal had called her to her office where he revealed a photo of her in a bikini that someone had sent to him.  She was immediately forced to resign—or else be fired—and escorted off the property.


She is currently pursuing her modeling career using the website Model Mayhem, in effort to promote herself.  She describes herself as a, “a graduate student living in South Florida,” that loves to be in front of a camera.

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In her biography she writes:

“I am very open-minded and enjoy modeling for all types of shoots. I have had various experiences modeling from photographers seeking to build their portfolios to commercial advertisements and magazine publications, I love being in front of the camera! There is an inherent satisfaction in discovering what art, the photographer and I can create! I am very fun to work with, and my creative nature can add a lot to a shoot, as well. Oh! And did I mention I absolutely love being photographed? I am more than comfortable shooting nudes for the right projects and look forward to hearing from any photographers interested in capturing the perfect picture.”

What do you guys think—was the school right for firing the English teacher?


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