BUSTED: Joe Biden Gropes White House Reporter


December 16, 2013 11:02am PST

In a strange sequence of events, Joe Biden latched onto the hips of a White House Reporter during a photo shoot.

In what must have been a shock, The Hill‘s White House Correspondent, Aime Parnes, kept her cool—at least until the photo was over.  Having the Vice President cross some serious ethical lines, Parnes maintained control, as seen in the photo.

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Making sure the creepy old man’s hands didn’t wander, she grabbed a hold of them keeping them well within a much less invasive area.  You can’t quite tell if Parnes was startled by Biden’s gestures as her facial expression in the photo remains to be interpreted—although some speculate that she unwillingly played it off to get through the moment.

I’m surprised that we didn’t have another “jealous Michelle at Mandela’s memorial,” type situation with his wife glaring at him from the corner of the photo.  Either way, both women seemed to play it off and were able to get through the incident.

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Do you think Biden crossed a line here?


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