Reverend Accuses Obama Of Killing Mother Of His Illegitimate Child


December 1, 2013 10:49am PST

We all know there have been some crazy conspiracy theories out there.  People have said that the twin towers were demolished by the government to start a war.  Other theories suggest that there are aliens walking amongst us covered in what looks like human skin.

Either way, they usually don’t hold a lot of water, and the newest theory seems to be quite shaky in and of itself.

Reverend James David Manning, of The Manning Report, has recently posted a video online saying that Obama may have killed the mother of his love child.  Saying that he has indisputable proof of the matter, Manning continues his point.


He claims that the woman killed last month while speeding around the capital with her 15 month old in the back of the car, was, in fact, Obama’s baby mama.

He explains the theory that seems to have originated in Russia stating that in May of 2011, Obama got a piece of pistachio shell wedged into his back molar. He went to a nearby dentist where he met Miriam Carey, an assistant. Apparently the two quickly struck up a friendship, and shortly after, Carey had become pregnant. The relationship was broken off and Obama ordered the woman to undergo an abortion.  Having not listened, Obama had no choice but to “lure” her to D.C. where he had her killed.

“Even more bizarrely, the site goes to claim that Obama was out trolling for extramarital action because Michelle Obama was actually born a man.”

Manning then goes on to offer more “incontrovertible evidence” saying that the fact that the mainstream media is ignoring this is plausible proof that this is the case.  He states that because no reporters are reporting on this, and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson haven’t stepped in, it proves that there is something to hide.  He mentions that an investigation has been opened by Attorney General Eric Holder, but this will just be a farce in order to quiet those with questions.


Manning believes the reason for the silence is in effort to protect the president’s image and keep him from criminal charges.

He goes on to demand that a paternity test take place in order to demonstrate the accuracy of his claims.

In a Scooby-Doo style conclusion, Evan McMurry from Mediaite says that Obama, “would have gotten away with it, too, had it not been for that pistachio nut.”

Is this another crazy conspiracy, or a shred of proof potentially proving the reverends claims?


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