‘Batkid’ Snubs Obama, Appears on ABC Instead


November 26, 2013 10:04am PST

Miles “Batkid” Scott is the nation’s busiest five-year-old super hero. He’s so busy, in fact, that he doesn’t have time to talk to President Obama! but he does have time for ABC.

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We here at MrConservative reported on little Miles Scott’s big day earlier this month where we noted that San Francisco was turned into Gotham City for a Make-A-Wish event for a little boy dying of Leukemia. Miles dreamed of being the Batman and saving the city.

Miles “Batkid” Scott gets the key to the city.

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After his big day, though, little Miles was in high demand on TV and radio. Millions fell in love with the cute little fellow and Miles’ schedule quickly filled up with media appearances.

As it happens President Obama was in San Francisco to skin his donors of some more money and wanted to have a visit with the famed Batkid. But Batkid put the kybosh on a visit with Obama, He was just too busy.

Miles was scheduled to appear on ABC’s Good Morning America, so instead of meeting with Obama he chose George Stephanopoulos.

Batkid’s family have been amazed at the outpouring of interest that the country has had for their little one.

So, sorry, Mr. Prez, but Batkid’s fans are more important.

Earlier in November Miles was transported from his Sikiyou County, Oregon home, to “Gotham City”–with San Francisco acting as a stand-in for the comic book city. He had quite a day as the photos reveal…

Little Miles “Batkid” Scott (in the blue shirt) with his father, mother and little brother.

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So, there is your heartwarming story of the day, folks. What do you think? Looked like little Miles had a great time, doesn’t it?

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