57 Year Expert Reveals Proof Obama Forged His Birth Certificate


November 21, 2013 7:51am PST

As every day goes on, it seems that more people come forward offering proof that discredits the president’s birth certificate as authentic. We all know that for some strange reason, the president’s birth certificate couldn’t be released right away.

After months turned into years of public hindrance, the Obama administration finally released a copy of the desired document in 2011.

Too little too late.

The length of time in which Obama denied access to his birth certificate — one day magically just releasing it to the public — only led people to believe he was busy forging one.  After all, why would you stand on principle of it not being the public’s business, to just crumble and release it after a couple of years?

Well, Paul Irey, a graphics and typography expert, has come forward saying courts won’t let him testify but that he has indisputable proof.


Irey offers inconsistencies that typewriters just don’t offer and are all over the alleged document. For instance, when you press two letters on a typewriter at once, they both go up resulting in them wedging together and getting stuck.  He says that when you pull them apart, it results in one of the letters permanently remaining out of line, just a hair.

The expert says that this looks like it did happen, but later down the certificate, the letter managed to fix themselves, saying, “That just doesn’t happen.”

Irey also mentions that typewriters have consistency between letters when typed, yet the same two letters typed next to each other 5 times on the document, are differently spaced each time.

He also mentions that after using Photoshop throughout the years, he can visually identify a Photoshopped document from a distinct, hardly-visible halo.  Irey says that this “halo” is present on the president’s birth certificate.

Irey states that, “this document hasn’t been within 50 years of a typewriter.”

What do you guys think, proof, or just another conspiracy theory?


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