Arguing Parents Shove Baby Then Drive Off, Leaving Baby In Parking Lot


August 9, 2013 4:43pm PST

The Mom and Dad of the year award goes to Jasmine Jones and Leonard Martin of New Orleans, Louisiana who after arguing with each other and trying to shove their 6-month-old baby onto each other in a gas station parking lot, each got in their separate cars and drove off leaving the baby in her car seat sitting all alone on the pavement.

The surveillance video clearly shows mother Jasmine Jones yelling at an at first unseen man in a silver car, waving her arms, and generally acting agitated. It is clear the unseen driver would not unlock the doors as Jasmine tries to get in and cannot. Then the woman goes to the back seat of a red car, pulls out a baby seat, and leaves it sitting on the hood of the first car. The woman then gets in the red car and drives off.

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Next we see a black male emerge from the silver car and casually takes the baby seat off the hood of his car, places it on the ground, and then he drives off, too.

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The incident occurred at the B-Express Gas Station on Elysian Fields Avenue and was witnessed by several patrons and gas station attendant Sammy Jawhari.

After the pair left it was Sammy Jawhari that called police to report the abandoned infant.

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“She was a beautiful baby,” Jawhari said. “She was a healthy baby. I gave her some milk; I gave her some apple juice. She was fine. She was under the air conditioner.”

An hour later Jasmine Jones returned looking for her baby. She found only the police and the back of a squad car.

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The baby is doing fine and is now with relatives.

Both parents, Jasmine Jones, 30, and father, Leonard Martin, 30, were booked with Cruelty to a Juvenile.

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