Michelle Obama’s New Cause: Bringing Down The Second Amendment


July 23, 2013 7:31pm PST

Since Michelle Obama’s war on our children’s school lunches seems to have failed, she is now quietly pivoting to a new cause célèbre: an Anti-Second Amendment campaign.

Even as we are seeing more and more schools dumping the absurd school lunch plan that First Lady Michelle Obama was pushing, she seems ready to move on to a new topic. The meals were unpalatable and unwanted by kids, parents, and school administrators. But Michelle isn’t done mucking about in our lives just yet. Oh, no, not by a long shot.

Now she is looking to come after our right to self-protection.

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At a recent appearance in Chicago, Michelle pivoted from “healthy eating” to gun violence in her comments, putting a “new spin” on the anti-gun debate.

Mrs. Obama also talked about gun violence in remarks she made at the funeral of a victim of gun violence in Chicago.

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Michelle Obama is pushing the anti-gun issue as a matter of “kids trying to stay alive.” In other comments she noted, “There are so many kids in this country just like them, kids with so much promise, but so few opportunities, good kids who are doing everything they can to break the cycle and beat the odds.”

“We need to be better for them. We need to be better for all of our children in this country because they are counting on us to give them the chances they need for the futures they all deserve.”

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Obama’s aides claim that she is not taking a new direction, but the First Lady has spoken about the gun issue several times now, making claims that she isn’t taking up a new crusade a bit hard to believe.

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Many expect her to continue to push her new anti-gun issues as soon as she returns from her August vacation.

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So, what do you think? Is Michelle courting trouble by becoming a leading anti-Second Amendment voice?


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