GOP Congressman Suing The Obama Administration

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Rep. Tom Marino from Pennsylvania may very well be my new favorite politician!

During a radio interview with host David Madeira on Thursday, Marino said that he is considering filing civil or criminal charges against Obama Administration members — and even President Barack Obama himself.

Marino mentioned the fact that Obama pushed the implementation of the Obamacare employer mandate to 2015 to help Democrats win the 2014 elections. This shows a blatant disregard for the law, Marino argued. He also asserted that Eric Holder will never hold Obama accountable for this.

He said, “If the chief law enforcer of the country [Holder] will not enforce the law and the president decides to break the law because he doesn’t like it, there has to be another mechanism by which we in Congress can … see if there are criminal charges we can file.”

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According to Sarah Wolf, a spokeswoman for the PA congressman, Marino wants to “investigate, identify and prosecute people within the administration, up to and including the president if it comes to that.”

It is not Marino’s personal dislike of Obama that is influencing his desire to pursue legal action. Rather, it is a concern for the state of our country. He said, “We’re beyond the point of showing that he’s incompetent. He really doesn’t care about where this country is going unless it’s his plan, so we have to step up.”

He said there is a scheduled “brainstorming session” with other Congressmen who have legal experience as prosecutors to explore legal options to take against the Obama Administration.

Let’s hope Marino takes action, and quickly. This country is suffering every day due to the Obama Administration’s regulations that cost billions, create government dependency, invade privacy, and kill businesses.

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