Obama’s Birth Certificate Being Questioned In Alabama Supreme Court


June 4, 2013 9:41am PST

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse, having spent thousands of man-hours examining Obama’s birth certificate and Selective Service card, strongly believes that Obama has engaged in a massive fraud and a cover-up – and neither Arpaio nor the Posse’s members are going to let the mainstream media frighten them away from exposing what may be the biggest crime in American presidential history.

Appearing at the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association Convention in St. Charles, Missouri, Mike Zullo, the lead investigator for the Cold Case Posse’s investigation into Obama’s carefully shrouded history, gave a talk detailing all the problems with both Obama’s alleged long-form birth certificate (produced only in electronic “PDF” form) and his Selective Service card. In a later interview with Carl Gallups of PPSimmons Radio, Zullo said that he heard “audible gasps” from an audience that was in “absolute shock.”

Zullo also reported that, thanks to a mainstream media that refused to report on anything negative about Obama – or, if it did report these stories, ridiculed those who challenged Obama – many of the officers present had never heard about the myriad problems with the PDF birth certificate and Selective Service photocopy that Obama produced. Indeed, said, Zullo, one officer came up after the presentation and said “I have been purposely ignoring this matter – until now. I will ignore it no longer.”

What’s new and different about Obama’s Cold Case Posse’s challenge to Obama’s documents is that, unlike previous attacks, the Cold Case Posse cannot be dismissed as the ravings of an individual “crackpot” who doesn’t like Obama. The Cold Case Posse is made up of experienced law enforcement investigators who have willingly and openly detailed every step in their research and analysis. Moreover, they have the weight of Sheriff Joe’s reputation behind them, which means that, as Zullo said, they can “side-step” the media blackout on negative information about Obama.

With the Cold Case Posse on the job, two things are happening. First, the Cold Case Posse’s findings are now before the Alabama Supreme Court, which is currently headed by Chief Justice Roy Moore, a strict constitutionalist. More doesn’t play politics – he is interested in the law, and will not swerve from the consequences of following the law. In addition, Arpaio is pressing to put Obama’s questionable documents before Congress. “That’s where we intend to take it,” Zullo told Carl Gallups.

It’s not a surprise that law enforcement officials who spend their careers examining facts and working on cases that can turn on details were impressed by Zullo’s presentation. In an affidavit he filed under oath with the Alabama Supreme Court, Zullo set out every single fact that led the Cold Case Posse to conclude that the PDF of Obama’s supposed birth certificate and the photocopy of his supposed Selective Service registration were both faked documents.

Purported Kenyan Birth Certificate

In the case of the birth certificate, electronic metadata (the information a computer records as a document is created) showed beyond a shadow of a doubt that the PDF at the White House website is not a scan of an original document. Instead, it is a carefully-created electronic image with layer upon layer of data added so as to end up with a hodge-podge of information culled from other sources. Zullo also detailed significant anomalies about the way the document was allegedly filed in the Hawaii registrar’s office. These problems lend credence to the theory that Obama was born in Kenya. (Although, given Obama’s bizarre youth, it’s equally possible that his father was an all-American communist.)

Obama compared to Frank Marshall Davis

The Selective Service card also has a big problem: the date stamp, which has a two digit year (“80” instead of “1980”) violates both the legal requirements and the ordinary practice for a Selective Service card created in 1980.  Other stamps on the document are also consistent with actual documents from 1980.

Obama’s past has always been shrouded in mystery. The two documents he produced to support his bona fides to be a U.S. president do not withstand scrutiny. And that’s all Obama has produced. He’s never produced his parents’ long-form birth certificate; he’s never produced the documents behind his name change to Barry Sortero (when his mother remarried); and aside from his boasts that he attended Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard, he’s never produced any school records: no grades, no applications, no financial aid requests, no theses . . . nothing.

Also missing are the files from his tenure as an Illinois senator, as well as the medical records most candidates routinely turn over nowadays. Given recent disclosures about John F. Kennedy’s illnesses and drug abuse, medical records are a useful way of making sure that a candidate is not, as Kennedy was, on mind altering drugs. Of course, if the National Enquirer is correct that Hillary’s upcoming autobiography will reveal Obama’s serious drinking problem, that may go a long way to explain why Obama keeps his medical records hidden.

Obama may be hiding and falsifying all of his records just to keep those who doubt his history busy. As long as they’re scurrying after his past, he can wreak havoc in the present. However, he may also be hiding and fake for the reason people always hide and fake information: because the real facts are profoundly damaging to them.


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