Gun Control Will Never Work, New Technology Allows To Make Machine Gun At Home


March 26, 2013 10:48pm PST

Throughout the land, in Washington, D.C. and in multiple states capitals, legislators are hard at work trying to craft laws restricting what gun manufacturers can manufacturer and what buyers can buy. The laws range from banning foolish cosmetic details, to prohibiting civilians from having automatic rifles, to limiting magazine sizes, to creating a national registry of every gun owner in America. As New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said, “we should infringe on freedom.”

Gun rights advocates point out – rightly – that all of these efforts are foolish almost certainly unconstitutional. What almost nobody is paying attention to is the fact that modern technology is quickly making all of these laws irrelevant. Within a year or two, people will be able to print the lower receiver at home (that technology already exists, although it’s not totally reliable yet), and then will be able to use their credit card to shop online for all the other parts – the ones that the legislatures haven’t yet swept into their nets, such as bullets and the upper receiver:

After they’ve assembled their home made high powered semi-automatic weapon, people can also print a hundred round magazine. Nor is that the end of the technology available to the home consumer. They can also purchase – legally – bump stocks that “bump” you forward after you shoot. The practical effect of this technology is that a semi-automatic can shoot just as fast as a machine gun. Add to that a home-printed 100 round magazine, and every American can legally have a weapon equal to that which our troops take into battle.

Given this future – and even for Second Amendment supporters it’s a bit unnerving – we are currently engaged in a heavy duty legislative battle, complete with ugly mainstream media name-calling — about issues that will quickly become obsolete. What we should be talking about is the future. The future isn’t about legislation, it’s about creating a cultural paradigm that says, while we can make these weapons, they must be treated and used with great respect to sustain our Second Amendment rights.

Written By Cyrus Massoumi – Mr. Conservative Manager & Founder


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