A Georgia City Wants to Make Gun Ownership Mandatory For All Its Citizens


March 7, 2013 4:46pm PST

Even as the federal government and various Blue States are working desperately to ban guns in any way, shape, or form, one Georgia town is taking a different approach to protecting its citizens against crime.  It’s contemplating a proposed ordinance that would make it mandatory for every town citizen to own a gun.

With gun control laws sparking a frenzy across the country, one town in Georgia seems to take one side to the extreme.  The city of Nelson, Georgia, is considering passing an ordinance to make gun ownership mandatory.  City leaders say with one police officer on patrol eight hours a day, community members are left virtually unprotected for sixteen hours a day, and that relying on sheriffs from nearby counties could mean a longer wait in time of emergency.  City leaders could make a decision on the ordinance at their next council meeting on April the 1st.


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