SCANDAL: Jesse Jackson spends $750,000 of YOUR Tax Dollars on HIMSELF!


February 17, 2013 8:30pm PST

$750,000 of YOUR Money Spent by Jackson… What did you pay for?

  • $5,000 football signed by United States presidents
  • Two hats that once belonged to Michael Jackson — including a $4,600 fedora
  • $5,150 spent on “capes” shipped to his house from Beverly Hills
  • $17,100 in total spent on Michael Jackson memorabilia, for 9 items all purchased on the same day.
  • $2,000 on “Bruce Lee memorabilia
  • $9,588 on furniture for his house
  • $1,553 falsely claimed for renting a room for a fundraiser, actually spent on “porcelain collector’s items”.

Jackson & Wife to Plead Guilty to Federal Charges


“Over the course of my life, I have come to realize that none of us are immune from our share of shortcomings and human frailties…Still, I offer no excuses for my conduct, and I fully accept my responsibility for the improper decisions and mistakes I have made.”

How could you offer an excuse? You spent money on toys and you’re pleading guilty. You didn’t make mistakes, you’re a thief. Being a thief is intentional, and you’re pleading guilty to being a thief.

Jackson continued:

“While my journey is not yet complete, it is my hope that I am remembered for the things that I did right.”

I can only speak for myself, but I’ll remember you for being a thief and a Socialist, so, you’re a thief twice over, Mr. Jackson. Your father gets paid to sit on T.V. and advocate for taxes which go towards stealing “taxing” money from hard working business owners “greedy people who abuse the tax system” and giving it to bums who are to lazy to get a job “people who never had a chance”.

Jackson faces up to $250,000 in fines and 5 years in prison
Why doesn’t he face $750,000 in fines?? That’s how much he stole.

In the documents produced by the prosecutors the items in question would be handed over to the government. What will likely happen to them? They’ll be sold at government auction and the proceeds will go to the government, when does the money go back to THE PEOPLE. When are politicians held accountable for stealing from THE PEOPLE? $750,000 resulting in a two year sentence for Mr. Jackson to sit in a white collar prison and likely live under charitable conditions, again at taxpayer expense?

The average American family would not make that money, in sum, over 30 years, let alone the tax they would pay to the government on this income. When are the thieves in government held accountable to the people?

Written By Cyrus Massoumi, follow Cyrus on Facebook here.


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